My Neighbours.

I woke up this morning feeling tired and a little bit concerned about my health etc.Then I went outside and the energy in everything around me astonished me.I live in a neighbourhood where everyone, without being forced, try their best to protect nature. Rabbits, ducks, guinea fowls, Hadedas, pheasants, peacocks and different kinds of small birds and even tortoises walk around freely. Cars will slow down for them and people will sit and watch them, looking for food in their gardens.
There are rich people amongst us and they spent money to built manmade, large ponds and set up the perfect environment for different kinds of ducks, geese, fish etc. There are parks and playgrounds and Momma Duck with her small ducklings will walk amongs the kids with no signs of fear. They know it is their place and we all respect that and teach our children and grandchildren to respect that as well.
One family, all of them are doctors, built a large canal, plantedĀ  grass, trees, reeds and small bridges and pathways. It is the most peaceful place to go for a walk or just sit on a bench and watch how nature itself kicked in and added it's own beauty to the scenery. They inspired all of us to do our part and they did it for all of us to enjoy.
The world is still a great place.
There are people who care.
I salute and thank them.
They touched me deeply.
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4 Responses Aug 6, 2011

Where is this wonderful place? I want to live there...

Your story is a beautiful story. That is how it was where I grew up and how I was raised. Now where I live my 2 little girls will never get anything, but a concrete playground. They will never get to know what true nature is, nor will they evere truely witness people helping and working hand in had as such you described in your story. Where i am they will become extreme biggots, care for no one other than them self, and will just step on who they can to get to the top. Parenting only goes so far, society plays a huge role in child rearing. I need to get the **** out of here before these 2 little girls are tainted. <br />
<br />
Thank you so very much for your beautiful story It was so very nice to reminisce (sp?)

think may others care it is hjustthe world is spining out of control and no one has the brakes on<br />
<br />
was thinking about growing up as a child today not the bad stuff from my past the friends my boss my wifes family that took me in and stuck a gun to my fathers head to end the abuse<br />
<br />
the differances in things between the 2 life syles with her family we were a famiy we did thing with each other<br />
<br />
we went to chuch with each other, we sat as a family we protected eachother at time not just told to walk to the chuch do youhave any idea fo he differance you feel walking into a church with a family or how people look atyou when you walk in by your self<br />
<br />
grandted we were different kids then many others as we had both beem on medications from an early gae which made us grown up faster<br />
but the love we shared as a family<br />
<br />
reallyhow many would take a boy in there home to live know how they felt about your daughther

I am so glad you wrote this story. Interacting with wildlife is one of life's simplest but greatest pleasures. Protecting the habitats of our local species takes just a little care and sacrifice. Enjoying the beauty of wildlife is a reward that far outweighs our input. Thank you again for writing about your excellent neighborhood in this respect.