Asians Eat Weird Things, So What?

Ok being a Chinese person living in America, I face ignorant people asking me questions all the time about EVERY Asian culture and if they eat this animal or that, as if I am a walking book of knowledge or as if I am a descendent of every Asian nationality.  Then I have to deal with them saying "Its wrong!! How can you do that?!"

Whoa now, hey ,I only said that there are people in Asian cultures who do eat dogs and cats, and anything that could possibly move, I didn't say I eat them.

And on a side note, the question is, so ******* what?  I am a firm believer that if you eat any animal, any at all, you do not have a right to question what animals/creatures others eat.  Americans love them some beef and pork right?  But guess what?  Eating pork is forbidden for observant Islamic and Jewish people, and eating cows/beef is forbidden for Hindus but Americans certainly don't seem to care.

So what if Asians eat dogs and cats?  Americans call it cruelty, but look at our own slaughterhouses, yes our own, I am an American-born Chinese, meaning I lived here all my life, and to top it off, I never set one foot on Asian soil anywhere.  If anyone has ever observed an American slaughterhouse in the US, you will find they are cruel to the animals who will become our food as anywhere else in the world you may possibly observe. 

Who is to say that dogs and cats are not allowed to be food?  Although personally I never plan to eat dogs/cats because I too own them and because I live the American way of life, I will not condemn the people of other countries / religions / cultures for observing their own food practice. 

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hi<br />
i did not know that people from Chinese descent were harassed because of the eating habits common in Asia in general<br />
sorry about that<br />
and i understand that you feel angry<br />
i believe that every civilisation wants to be a benchmark to the rest of the world,ie,the habits of the rest of the world are awful<br />
<br />