With each individual life, comes a unique story.  Life experiences, which define complete and form people. Telling anyone willing to listen so much.  Bursting with life, intrigue, drama, simplicity there is always something special.

I have been privileged in the work that I have done, to be able to sit and listen to many people’s stories.  To see joy light up their faces, sadness fill their eyes and the appreciation of having someone take the time to listen, especially at a time when the world raced around them seemingly too busy to care.   

When someone is willing to really listen and hear what is being said, to see the words as they are spoken and to allow the story to unfold, people feel heard.

After all everyone wants their story heard, everyone wants someone to care enough to acknowledge that their story and who they are matters.  
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2 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Well said.

I love the way you pieced that thought together. You said it all.<br />
Thanks for sharing.<br />
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