we all have a public life, private life, and a secret life.!
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yeah, your boss, your husband and your lover ..pyorfect

no not really :)

what did u mean by that then?

we are more than meets the eye :)

hmm.. I see.. so if this website is a "secret" way of sharing your feelings and stuff, can u share with something from your secret story?


x) and...?

will you?

what do you think i'm gonna say it here!

Idk, you like talking to rocks, and you never told anybody 'cause it's weird xP

it's definitely not that.. silly :)

I see, so I undestand you're not gonna tell me ...not falling into the catergory of a stranger anymore? xP shuckx

I'll tell you, but in a message.

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100% true. We all have something we'd be terrified of others found out.

But oh how nice it is when we can find someone to share those secrets free of judgement

yeah :)

Yep if anyone ever found our I am transgendered I'd die