With my many years of travel all around the World, some years ago, I came to the conclusion that we all must have more than one soulmate. Simply because there are in excess of six billion humans on Earth, the odd are strongly in favor of that.
I also came to the conclusion that we are in position to meet our soulmates during our lifetime, and it is up to us to do so....
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Just a better explanation of what I wrote above in the final sentence. What I meant by "in position to meet", is that during our lifetime, we actually meet up with this potential soulmate (sitting next to each other on a plane, bus or whatever, bump into at the market or simply just meet somehow.) When this meeting does occur, we should realize and understand the importance of the meeting....

I think the concept of having one soul mate is limiting and part of a puritanical lack mentality. There is so much love and sex and food and music and joy and light etc in the world, and of course the above mentioned billions of people. Why be so limited?

Three that I can recall

i guess thats many of your soulmates you identified so far