A Legal America

am a firm believer that this country is a melting pot. And that I cantains several different races and different cultures. We all makeup this great country. I think that we ahve too many people who come to this country illegally. Our government is too lax and allows anyone to come here illegally. We need to deport any illegal immigrant who has not began their citizenship process within 5 years.
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4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

If they come into the country legally, i'm all for it. If they come illegally, then they're criminals.

Some people would say that when this country was first founded we came here illegally too and caused a lot of damage to the native Americans who were here. What would you say is the difference between then and now?

Even the Indians came here from somewhere else.

I think we should get rid of governments and borders. Governments love war and fear.
Think about the border between San Diego CA and Tiajuanna MX no natural border

Pay tax so they can give most of that money to people who love war and fear and OK to have a huge army and ignorant children.

But these things will require thinking and your government is very good with jingoistic slogans.

I agree .... Something has to give . I greatly respect a man or woman who goes through great hardships for the betterment of themselves and family, but come through the gate. We will help you become legal.