Never Let Go Of Your Dream

"If you don't have a dream, how are you going to make a dream come true?"
Oscar Hammerstein

REALLY, how can we EVER expect to "see a dream come true" if we are too afraid to have one in our hearts? I am a FIRM believer that everyone DESERVES to have a dream and that by holding onto it, it can CHANGE your life into the life you REALLY want to live.

I fell in love with a wonderfully intelligent young man and dreamt  of living the rest of my life with him. But it was "just a dream" and I had not made it a GOAL. For a dream to come true, we need to put a plan in action. We had NO plan so it did not happen.

Many years and two husbands later, I still loved him. I knew that I would rather be with him than any other man in the world. I had a dream that maybe, someday, we could be together. Living married to an abusive "christian" man and his daughter, I was miserable. Like Jane Eyre in the book and movie of the same title; "I have BEEN loved" and I knew that I had been loved by the only man whom I had truly loved and I STILL loved him. I was able to finally separate from the abusive husband and dreamt of living alone and happy UNTIL I was reminded of my dream to be with my First Love.

I believe that EVERYONE deserves to have a dream. Because I had the dream DEEP within my heart, I was able to put it into action and I contacted him. Finally. I would see if he had truly loved me as much as I loved him all these years. My dream came true. Only because I did not let go of it. 

My life has become what I had always wanted it to be; loving and being with my Love...I hope that your dream come true, whatever it is, hold onto it and make plans to set the needed action in motion. The worst thing that can happen is that it might not "be" as you might have imagined, but it can STILL be a wonderful dream come true.

Don't give up on your dream!!!

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1 Response May 19, 2012

My dream is to become a game designer, I've got the brains, but lack the body for it (chronic pain) so I'm creating games at home.

Awesome! Sounds like you are making your dream come true by overcoming or side stepping the obstacle or hindrance of your chronic pain. I am sure that it brings you joy to create the games at home...

Yeah it does, though it doesn't come close to the awesomeness of actually learning to become a game designer, I've found a place to do it, now I hope I can go there.