What I've Learned From My Own Pursuit Of Happiness

For a few years now, I have been out of the job market in pursuit of reaching my own goal of financial independence.
I've recently come across an amazing opportunity within the energy market and while promoting the idea of a deregulated energy market in support of a competition I've learned how beneficial this is to the rest of society and for those who never have and never will decide to be entrepreneurs themselves and just want a good paying job that will allow them to feed their families.
Well, that was the answer for me...
All this time I've said to myself.. Yes, I want to make a lot of money and yes I want to retire before I turn forty but deep down inside I knew I wouldn't be happy unless I know I'm helping someone else.
While politicians fight over what will be the best way to go forward with an energy policy and while so many occupy and chant down wall street because of the status of the economy and the high rate of job loss there are opportunities waiting to be ceased upon.
I agree with both politicians in that, energy is the best way to move ahead in job creation and when it comes to our dependency on foreign oil and really both got it right... One promotes renewable and alternative energy sources while the other strongly supports clean coal and nuclear.
Well, why not implement it all and give people the choice to decide what they will use? Just like deciding if you're going to wear denim, khaki or leather.
When opening the door to competition and allowing consumers to choose their energy provider it leads us to innovation when there's less regulation. Innovation provides jobs in infrastructure rather it be in clean coal, nuclear, wind, solar or hydro.
Jobs are just around the corner and I'm happy to know that I'm on track to help provide them while pursuing my long term goals of financial independence.
Life can be great if we just open our minds to all the possibilities and seek to open pandora's box!
I've never seen a time where people are filled with so much fear. Fear that makes them believe there's no hope and that what is truly possible is impossible.
Don't let the state of society and of the world get you down. Have the strength to be one that helps build it up.
When we all do that, we can confidently pursue happiness together knowing we have achieved the impossible and have now made it possible.
ThatCaliGuy ThatCaliGuy
31-35, M
Sep 18, 2012