Divine Intervention

I wanted a daughter once--but I prayed for sons instead and I got four of them because I feared for a daughter in today's society with predators. I missed out on making pretty up-do's and pony tails and I missed out on playing barbies, brats, whatever, etc., So I enjoy the company of others daughter instead. It makes me happy--glowing happy. Now God has brought this little girl into my life. It's not just any girl but it's the daughter of someone I use to know. It's also a daughter to a woman who died giving birth to her. She looks like an exact replica of her mother and she is three years old now. It's hard for me to look at her because I cry every time we talk. When I pull up to her house and she knows I am there she runs out to talk to me too. She smiles big at me and she winks at me. Today she gave me a tape measure and told me to keep it to measure how big my horses are getting. She wants to come to my house to ride a pony that I have. I told her that when she gets older I will give her her own horse. I wanted a daughter but I didn't want to have to experience the equivalent to it in this way. But everyone was trying to get me to take her the other night so I think that's a sign of divine intervention. She needs someone because her mother is dead, her daddy doesn't want her either and for some reason she's attached to me. I'll take her to ride horses when  I can and I will get the things for her that I know her mother would have wanted her to have. Maybe that's my purpose with her.
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Ok! :) I will! I will write further stories about her and our time together on here as they come.

I am delighted that you are not looking at this as a burden but as an opportunity to be an important and intricate part of this little girl's life.<br />
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Go for it and keep me posted on your progress.<br />
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God bless<br />
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It's funny that you say that "mysweetangelbaby" because her mother and I had a falling out over a misunderstanding before this little girl was born (not my fault) and the night of the wake service everyone kept handing me this baby girl in her carrier. Out of all the people there--all of them kept handing her to me. Questions were raising in my thoughts at the time as to "Why?". Even at the time of the funeral service and afterwards I was the one put in charge of her. All of it makes me sick to my stomach because it was a tragedy that was unexpected and it's the hardest thing that I have had to face in my life and I have lived through some serious trauma. I am going to make sure that this little girl is happy because her mother did they same for my children when she was alive. I talk to my sons about them doing the same for her as well before and after my exit.. They agree!

What a beautiful story and thanks for sharing. It looks like this is divine intervention and perhaps her mom is also behind this encounter and will help you to look out for her and be an intricate part of her life.<br />
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Enjoy her -- it goes too fast.<br />
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Thanks Kimsmiles I think there is purpose here :) and Yes SharedKnowledge I agree with you--only I have a conflict with divine intervention vs the power of thought. The little girl does warm my heart though. I have big plans for her when she gets a little older.

Everything happens for a reason, everything happens from thought, everything ever created started with a thought. When you fully understand the power of a mind thought, you will understand the connecting power of the universe. When you honestly, truly want something, that something that will make you happy while helping others, it will come. Its a fact that will never change and always be.<br />
when you have good thoughts of good will to help mankind amazing changes in your life will happen.<br />
Understand this true power of connecting thoughts and enjoy, believe, trust, and just know the reasons why everything happens. Enjoy the gift of your little girl that came your way, its magic, your purpose is revealed.