Today's No Ordinary Day.

Today is another day, but no ordinary day. What happens today won't happen tomorrow and what happens tomorrow won't happen again. I woke up with a sore neck this morning, my diagnosis? I slept in a weird position considering I had a dream about getting stuck in drain pipe. Today was going to be trip, I knew this after falling over my shoes and eating some carpet for breakfest, surely you should try this one morning it's a different...Spin on things. I noticed the button on my boxers was open, so I did what any normal human being would do, button it. It fell off. I put on a pair of shorts on instead and put them on like any person would. The zipper fell off. I decided to wait a while to take my morning pee, with my luck so far I wasn't going to take any chances of anything else falling off. In fact I was quite frightened. People were awake, I knew this by the sound of buzz lightyear screaming "If I had a real jet pack, I could fly us all out of here". Well to my suprise he did and flew right into my face as I stepped through my door. I now have a space symbol imprinted on my cheek and a black eye as rememberance of buzz lightyear's final flight, well almost final flight. His last flight was actually off my 6 story balcony into the concrete below; he has a jet pack but no parachute? I figured maybe a shower would wake me up and magically make things better as they always do. I was wrong. I dropped the luffa, not the soap. Bending down to get it I was greeted by a steal shower door to the forehead. All this was the topping on the cake for such a wonderful morning. I'm debating operating heavy machinary, but I have to get around somehow. Hopefully my car doesn't fall inside of an earthquake sink hole formed by the worlds largest astroid falling from space and landing in front of MY car. Or drown in a avalanche because a chipmunk dropped an acorn down the wrong side of the mountain. Atleast it's a nice day in Miami, Florida.
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1 Response Jul 28, 2010

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You have a great style of writing and DEFINATELY brought a smile to my face that wasnt there before,<br />
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thank you and hope you have a wonderful day!<br />
I hope you dont mind, but i have printed this out and have placed it on my desk at work so i can look, and smile whenever i am having a bad day.<br />
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You rock!