I Was Meant To Help Theresa

Her name was Theresa.  She was petite, with dark curly locks and a smile that was captivating.  She reminded me of Betty White in that she was always giggling.

I had first met her 15 years earlier when our kids (her 2 boys) and my son had played sports together.  She lived at the bottom of my street.
She was smart and worked as a pharmaceutical lab tech at one of the major hospitals in Philadelphia.  Even though divorced, she was at the top of her game workwise, and seemed to have it all to the extent that she was a good mother to her boys.  She came a large family and like all families, had some dysfunction.

I hadn't seen her for years, when all of a sudden as I was in the midst of packing up my personal belongings from the sale of my home, she pulled up i the car. She got out of her car and we talked for an hour with catch up conversation.

She then invited me to live with her in my transition from homeowner to renter.  I took her up on her offer and moved in with her.

The first week while settling in, I noticed that she had a severe drinking problem. She would rise about 6:00 AM, proceed to pour out a large glass of vodka, and then chase it with six pack of beer.  She fell asleep before I left for work.

I tried to address the situation by discussing AA with her.  To no avail.  She couldn't stop and worse yet, the last time we went to dinner she had a severe seizure and ended up in the hospital.  It was at this point that she was told to stop drinking OR ELSE!

It wasn't long thereafter, when she woke up on a Sunday morning and asked me to take her to the hospital.  She looked terrible.  She was very sickly looking, her stomach protruding and overall ill.  When we got to the hospital, she took her necklace off her neck and proceeded to ask me to please take care of her dog, Shadow.  She had a look of terror in her eyes.

I left the hospital not knowing that within 3 weeks, she would pass. 

I would like to think that I was meant to be there for Theresa.  I had spent my time there wisely, trying to help her whenever possible.  In particular, I was there to comfort her before she passed, especially because she was estranged from her family.

Good bye, Theresa, this story is for you.  I hope you are looking down and smiling.

Love you.

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I do not mean to be rude and I feel for your friend I really do but please may I ask about Shadow remember she loved him too from the sounds of it are you still hanging in there for the dog? Your friend is gone now but the dog still remembers and loves her too.

It was so kind of you Bev to stay with her in her time of need. She swooped in out of nowhere to offer her home to you, which helped you but she also trusted you with her secret that she had been keeping, her alcoholism. You were truly her guardian angel and she was blessed to have you there to take care of her and comfort her until her life was over. It is always something you can look back on and be happy that you did. Thanks for sharing that story :)

Very touching story,

Thanks Roxanne1960. I would like to believe that things happen for a reason. I do try to be good to others. ..Sometimes it is a struggle.<br />
<br />
Anyway, I hope to talk with you soon.<br />
<br />

Bev<br />
That is a very touching story. I believe things happen in life for a reason. Call it fate if you wish but I'm sure these things happen for a reason. You seem to be a very kind and compasionate person.<br />
Thank you for sharing this story.