Finding The Reason Why I Met You.... And Lose You

I keep on looking for a reason why we unexpectedly crossed our paths,

Why we made memories, why you made me feel this,

Only to lose you over values, distance and time.

So while I am mending, I find it strange...

How often does my heart gets repeatedly broken before it can become wiser?

My life moves on carrying myself well against passion and guilt.

But when problems over my family and work came like a blow all at the same time,

Thoughts of you shadowed me over like a safe haven,

You, who were the only person outside my ideal boundaries,

Sheltering me with resilience and buoyancy.

And life suddenly seemed bearable again.

You were a thought-provoking diversion from out of the ordinary,

However peculiar that may be?

Perhaps this is the reason why it was necessary to have met you

and why it was essential to let you go and set myself free...

So I'll just have to keep you in my heart and leave the lights on.

For even if I am lost, I'll find my way home with a lighted heart....

Have a good life to you, Summer.
chrisfairy chrisfairy
36-40, F
2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

beautifully written and very true

I understand more than I want to.