Maybe I Should Just Say F*** It All

Maybe I should just hold my middle fingers up high with a smile on my face. Maybe that may be the key to success in this world, move forward at the work place, date more girls, or just be respected. Being a nice guy is so "nice" until you realize that you're being walked all over, girls "just want to be friends" and you don't seem to care because you did it from the heart.

So now I say F**** it all! No more favors, no more dropping what I'm doing to help someone out
rajiv123 rajiv123
22-25, M
3 Responses Aug 22, 2010

thanks yall, yea i tried "not being nice" and i really didn't like it either

You'll only be hiding the real you that honest people are falling in love with and, possibly, you'll hide the person that the Right One could fall for. Stay true to yourself and, instead, have a look at the people that are hurting you and try to see them for what and who they really are. Learn from them, don't become them.

Never stop being nice, if you do that you will be pretending to be something you are not !! Live in happiness and contentment knowing that no matter what you are there for the people you care about !!