Everything Happens For Good.

There was a king and his Prime adviser. The adviser used to say that "every thing happens for a good reason". But king was not ready to believe his adviser.

Once they both went to forest to enjoy hunting. They were hunting with help of bow & arrows, accidentally king's right hand's thumb chopped with the string of bow. King was very sad on which the adviser said "Every thing happens for a good reason". The king became very angry on the adviser and immediately fired him from the job and asked him to leave him immediately. The adviser leaves the king and goes back to town.

After moving more deeper in the forest the king get separated from his troops and lost in forest. The king is then caught by tribals, and they want to kill the king for their ritual to kill and gift a person to their god once in a year on that very day. They made all preparations for the ritual. One of the tribal found that one of the thumb of the king was cut, and he shouted "the man is not healthy and complete to be considered a right gift for god", and they released the king.

The king managed to come back to his state. After thinking back about the events happened, he understood the chopping of his thumb saved his life, so this happened for his good. He recalled his old adviser and asked one question to him. The king said that " I believe that chopping of my thumb was good for me, but how it is good for you that i dismissed you"?

The Adviser answered if you have not dismissed me, i might be with you when tribals caught you, they(tribals) left you because you wasn't fit for their gift to god, but i was. So they must have killed me. The king then reappointed the adviser.

Conclusion of the Story :

Everything happens for a good reason.
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We need to believe it more when we are going through bad times. We can't change the reality, but can change our approach, to let the things go, and to have strength.

"Strength is life; weakness is death." - Swami Vivekananda

Good story buddy, and very true. You see similar examples like this in life time & time again.

that was grt

☞ There comes a point in our lives that we have to understand that there's a reason behind everything... . and most of the time, it's for our own good! (.✿_✿.)