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Break Ups

I started this affair with a single man I myself am married with four children.

He invited me out to lunch I accepted. We made out the first day. I have never had an affair before and I was in need of someone to listen to me, love me and to know me in ways that I have not been known in over 15 years by anyone but, my husband.

Every night for over two months we have been texting and about a month ago we finally slept together. Well last night he broke it off. He said that he knows someone either my husband, kids, him or myself would get hurt. It came as a shock. He had asked me to be certain of what I was doing however many months ago this conversation went down and now he broke it off with me. The problem is I was falling in love with him. Ready to throw all of my life away for him.

I dont even know how I feel after over two hours of conversation he finally stopped texting and I am at the point where I am scared that I will never speak to him again. I miss him, love him and long to be with him again and I dont know how to move on from these feelings. I am writing this through teary eyes and a broken heart and I just want to know whats the easiest way to get over this person. He pretty much said if I was single that there would be no problem, that he was trying to be a better person and he doesnt want to hurt anyone in the end. Well like I told him he hurt me and now I am shattered.
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Where does one start for their thought on this? Affairs are just that an affair.Yes, sometimes we spill our guts out to the special someone we thought was a true friend & lover. But how well did we really know that person? People put on a fasod & are not really true to themselves or others. But just usually out for what ever they can get from someone.And most don't want to take on the responsibilities of you or children.Far & fewer people that are out there will take on the responsibility. It's best if you fall into the trap again with someone just to accept that this may happen again. Positive note I guess to look at it is you spilled your guts & the other person listened for what it is worth.If that person really loved you like you loved them their might have been a happier ending. If you don't resolve the issues with your husband then maybe it's best to move on. Just speaking on my personal experiences many,many moons ago.

Sorry for my words if they hurt you but it seems one more of the stories where men look for an affair and when the woman starts falling in love they (men) just run away. Think in you and your children