Facing Homelessness

I am a highly educated woman. I lost my executive position and have been struggling to find work. My car was taken and I'm facing eviction on Tuesday. I will literally be on the street. Someone I trusted to help me turned on me because I would not give in to his sexual advances. I'm trying to stay optimistic. I know there is a deep lesson in this for me.
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36-40, F
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If you would like to talk/rant at someone, i am here for you, i am also highly educated, and 40yo F, and I was homeless(long story here, part of it was by choice) for almost 10 years, from age 16-26, and I traveled all over the usa, canada and mexico, and I'm sorry that the person who offered to help you turned out to be so sleezy, that happens all the time, especially for females, although males in that situation also face the same things. I spent many nights outside, rather than in someone's bed, trading my body (and soul) for a place to sleep. There are a lot of community resources you may not be aware of, and I hesitate to post them out here, as they are widely abused, and then, when people TRULY need them, there are limited funds, etc, but, I hope that your situation improves and things get better, its not the worst thing in the world, but, it is hard, and stressful, and scary, although i lived like that during those years, i'm so glad that i went thru that then and not TODAY, I know every generation says, "oh it's different now" but, I really think this IS much different, its changed so much, right before my eyes, ..if you would like more info, or to talk about things, please, message me, I will make an effort to visit frequently and check.

i hope you get on your feet soon

I hope you don't think the lesson is not to trust, Trust and respect are earned over time..not given away, ( not saying you did) Sometimes, the lesson is who really is your friend? When you down and out only your true friends will be there for you.