To An Extent

I do believe that mos things in life happen for a reason, but i am not sure if i can say everything happens for a reason. For example, when my gran died 7 years ago i was only 9 and didn't really understand fully what had happened. I just knew it was a bad thing. I don't like thinking that that happened for a reason. She was a good person and everyone who knew her loved her to bits, so what reason did she really have to die for, when there are people out there; like murderers, rapists etc who deserve it more! What is the reason they are still alive? But then at the same time it kind of brings me comfort when something happens and i can think to myself "It must have happened for a reason". I remember a couple of years ago i wanted to ask this boy to a school Christmas dance thing - i had had a crush on him for a few months - but every time i tried to get one of my friends to ask him for me or i tried to ask him in class something would happen that would stop it happening; we would get moved around seats, he would be off school, my friends would get moved seats, the teacher wouldn't be in and we'd get a substitute teacher who wouldn't let us talk. And i asked my mum about it one day when we got back from school and she said "Maybe it just isn't meant to be. Everything happens for a reason". Of course i didn't want to take that as an answer and still persisted in asking this boy to dance. In the end he said "No' and i was pretty embarrassed, but it made me think that my mum might be right. It obviously just wasn't meant to happen. And in the end i got to dance with better people anyways and had a lot of fun and found out that this guy was an idiot! So yeah that was a pretty long story just for me to say that i do believe everything happens for a reason, to an extent :)
Kazafcb814 Kazafcb814
18-21, F
Jun 17, 2012