Listening To That

I try not to ignore the "feeling" we all get when it comes to choices. I do not think recognition of a moment happening to you right then is a magical. It is very real and effects the outcome of your life. I am not talking about morally or practical decisions. Example. When you dream or someone or out of the blue they weight heavily on your mind. My grandmother had past and I was in another state dealing with that when one night I had dreams about my father in-law in a hospital hallway. But these dreams were more "visionary" in nature all day it just over powered my thoughts even in my state of grief. So I text him "hey don't ask why but you need to check on your mom. Just do it" Turns out she was in hospital and is struggling with pneumonia.
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I think there are many times,when a thought about someone will just pop into a person's mind, for no reason, and you can't help but wonder...oh..oh...what happened? Sometimes i will wake up in the middle of the night,because I will have heard my name.I am recently divorced, and i think oh dear, something has happenend to the i get up and email..i do not call, because he has a friend.But I just send an email,saying ..i hope your all right.

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