Peaches And Ice Cream

I have memories of your softest touch and many moments your kind words meant so much.

Laughter invigorates my being and there is much joy in my heart.

Your touch was like silk against my skin that was in need of intimacy and the

way you listened and advised me without judgement was just what I needed.

I thought of two words I think about when I reminisce about you.

Peaches and Ice cream

On a hot summer's day you are like the first glass of lemonade on a hot
humid day.

I remember waking you and showing up unannounced and you being

compassionate of my needs and feelings.

I miss our intellectual arguments lacking primordial basis playing games


teaching me making love had little to do with sex.

I broke your heart a billion times and yet you persisted to love me said you

were okay. Yet, truthfully, lost without me.

I  thought I could replace you but miss you greatly you finally gave up on

me. Now it is I lost without you. I could take it back I would apologize and

been more attentive of you.
natalie343 natalie343
31-35, F
Dec 9, 2012