When you are in love with someone and he know it and doesn't care about your felling ..thus he treat Yu like trash ..what can I do to save guards my felling
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Walk away.. you can do better.

I'd bet good money at one point and time, he treated you well. Things were good, but one day, the façade fell, and that's when the mistreatment began. If that's the case, you love the scenario you were once in, but not him. If he doesn't want to ascend to the guy you once knew, cut him loose, and move on. Trust me, I speak from experience.

I am usually an extremely nice person but at one point there was a girl that was obviously very interested in me but I didn't like her mostly because I thought she was stupid. I did mean things to her even though I knew it was wrong. She still always cared for me and still was so nice. My actions were inexcusable, but I think sometimes girls use the tactic of acting stupid to get a guy's attention. Maybe it just backfired in this situation? She was very attractive and everything. I don't know why I was an ******* and an idiot.

Why do all guys act mean when they know a girl is in to then..?

I think thats the only girl I've done that to. Maybe one other but not nearly as bad. I think it is because she was obviously much farther along with her feelings than I was and that was my way of saying Im not there yet but its a stupid and insensitive way of getting that message across. My stepson just related a similar experience to me a couple days ago where he reacted the same way.

Ohh okey

If a guy acts like that to you I would suggest trying to find a way to get closer to him in a strictly platonic way starting out that way he will feel more comfortable with you and then eventually your feelings.

You did not use your head properly, you misjudged her too fast😳

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if he treats you like trash then he obviously doesnt love you back, regardless of what he says.. actions speak louder than words.. you dont need to stay with anyone that makes you feel less special than you are

try talking and being really honest with your feelings. If he's still unresponsive then gather up the courage and leave this person before he breaks your heart further.

He's my first love by the way

I tried to do it but he act as if he doesn't care about me ..?

I think am gonna do it coz am tired of getting hurt thnks

well if you've tried then what are you really holding on to?

It's may be I don't wanna let him go ...but enuf is enuf I have to set him free n let him go

or rather set YOURSELF free and let YOURSELF go! don't do this for him. Do it for you. You deserve better.

Thanks so much

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