The Void


They had all disappeared.

People she once knew and cared about.

They…they disappeared from her life like a vapor of clouds, all that remained were her tears.

Where there was happiness, now a void.

Where there was beauty, now the hollow remains of her life.

Where there was love and fun days spent with people, now there was nothing.

She cried so often.

There was nothing but tears, sadness, anger, confusion, and loss.


It was as though these emotions came trying to fill the void of her soul

They tried to cover the empty space that remained after love had gone.

They tried and almost succeeded.

For them to succeed, meant that she had to loose.

She had to succumb to the feelings of sadness. She had to let them take over.


Finally she did, and a shadow of sorrow emptied its darkness into her life.

She had nothing left to fight with. The hopeless feelings overcame her.

The sadness that takes over a life of loneliness, grows like vines and weeds around a wall.

As long as they are watered by tears they grow and cover everything.



One thing about despair, though, is that it can be destroyed.

It may take over a life for a season, but with the first glimpse of hope, it begins to dissipate. Like sunlight streaming through the clouds, hope melts the icy frosts of winter, and the vines of the castle which once choked out all life within, and have long since died, now fall away.

Sadness can overwhelm a life, but it will only last for a season.

Just as one cannot stop the darkness form entering in, neither can they stop the light.



Sad times come, so we can appreciate the better days.

Sorrow comes, to stretch the places in the heart for joy.


Everything happens for a reason.


The future is more real then the present.

Never loose hope.

There are better days to come.

stormynightsky stormynightsky
22-25, F
4 Responses Mar 21, 2009

what a nice bit of writing. you are very convincing and i agree with everything i read. its so true. thank u.

Are you expressing how you actually feel or showing your talents as a writer? <br />
<br />
I'm confused by your motives. That said, you write movingly.

So very beautifully said.....The words move the Heart....

Beautiful and moving.. I felt every word... Thank you..