Possible But

it doesn't mean it will happen. Like going to other planets, it's possible, but for me? I wouldn't bet on it.

Sometimes we have to be more realistic, and acknowledge some of our limitations.

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4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

@ angel: yes, we can still hope and believe<br />
<br />
@ Lacy: thanks you are really inspiring, yes I guess everyone wants things other have. In a way.

i have limits too..we all do right?but u can believe always

Thanks for letting me have my limits angel. I know you can do anything, but I have some limitations.

hmm..let see..going to other planet...u never know!i mean if u had money u would go,u could pay and go..<br />
yet believing is a motivation..i can stand up coz i believe..of course u are right,we have to have limits