My Family

My family has always been the center of my life--whether it was when I was growing up-my siblings were so very important to me, as my family grew--nephews one right after the other-then the nieces that were adopted-they were so important and still are.  Then when I had my first child--I had no idea what the bond would be like until I had him-I now have three adult children and they are still my life--no I am not with them as much as I'd like-but that's okay-situations change-and I am now finding my own way--I have a grandson whom I adore-and it is wonderful seeing my son and "his" family--it is wonderful watching this young man that I raised become an amazing father--loving, caring doting on his fiance and his son--I guess it makes the "circle" if you will.  I have phrase in my dining room--it reads something like this "Our family is a circle of strength, with each union, birth and tragedy we become stronger" and it is so true-no matter what the situation-my family is my treasure, my strength-a family is forever. 

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That's a shame you feel that way osaeih-every family has it's issues-the good, the bad and the ugly--and with each issue we grow. And myself, I'm growing and evolving with each issue that I face.

my family is built on lies.

Beautiful. I agree. Much of my life is centered on and decision making revolves around family.

What a great way to put it---and I agree with you completely about "their own circles" as that's where I'm at with my sons right now-I always knew that would happen and that's the way it should be---and I agree with you as well--yes I do deserve to be happy in my older circle-and I will be. Thank you for your kind words!

Family is a circle, even though it may not be perfectly round. I too have grown children and am amazed every day at how they have grown. Just remember there lives will create their own circles that we will visit and you need to take care of you. You deserve to be happy in your older circle.