How did this happen? Where did I go wrong? I made every effort to keep my teen happy but with discipline too. Always showed them love and affection. Why would my teen mumble the two words? Those two words that you say when you're so pissed off at a New York driver or a when a cop gives you a ticket for no reason. F*** You. Those words were mumbled but I saw his mouth saying them. It hurt so much I couldn't stop crying. He apologized but it was too late. He felt it. He was angry at me so he had to say that. I have no clue how to move forward. Am I being too nice? Should I whoop him so he will know i mean business? Should I hug him and tell him it's ok to be angry. At this point I don't know what, how, why, or who gives a ****. (Frustrated and disappointed)
ImFoolish ImFoolish
41-45, F
Aug 29, 2014