I Am Lost Without Family And God

I got sick a little after I moved to place were I did not't know anyone. I had a son in elementary school who was scare to death to see me in so much pain. My son would call my sister crying because he didn't know what to do to help me. It took the doctors three years of testing to tell me what was wrong. When I found out I had Takaysu my two sisters had gone to the Mayo Clinic with me. The hospital was my last hope of finding out what was wrong. My sisters cried when the doctors said I had 5 years to live. But what they didn't't understand was God had something different in mind. I have live 2 years longer than what they thought and I thank God I am still alive to hold my children and my grandchildren. When I got sick I would pray for God to let me live long enough to see my youngest son graduate from high school. When I saw him graduate I cried.

My mother and father and sister have died since I got this illness but, I am still here. I spent a lot of time away from home because of my job prior to becoming ill. Now I love being around my family and my career is no longer the focus of my life, my family is what's important to me. When I dye I will be one of the most blessed people I know because I will know that I am loved very much, and have lived a great life!! I hope everyone reading this message know how important family and faith is when trying to dill with illness.
Dinky2 Dinky2
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3 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Hi Dinky, Takaysu? I have never heard of it. Can u tell me a little more about it.<br />
Hope you are haveing a better week and not feeling so ill. I am a 55 yr old and feel at this age people expect us to get aches and pains and just get on with life, but when you have an illness and sit with it every day it can wear one down. So I really trust you have a good day today.

I am so glad you are still here to experience the joy of your children and grandchildren.<br />
Man can make plans and statements but at the end of the day our lives are in Gods hands and he determines who lives and who dies. His mercy is new every morning and his grace is all we need.<br />
He is the best friend we can have and really does stick closer than a brother.<br />
Have an awsome day.

Faith in God sustained me through many times in my life. To rest in His arms here or when we've gone Home is the most peaceful contented feeling there is. Continue trusting in Him. His grace is sufficient.