Formula For Predicting Your Child's Future

Pay Attention, You Only Have Approximately 17 Years To Get This Right, Every Single Second Matters So Don't Screw It Up. Remember, The Day You Decided To Bring This Beautiful Baby Into This World You Committed To Providing The Best Care And Every Ounce Of Your Love And Compassion Into The Success, Health, And Happiness Of  This Bundle Of Joy's Next, Let's Round Up, Say 100 Hundred Years Or So! Understand This Bundle Of Love Didn't Put A Gun To Your Head And Force You To Give Life To Her!! So When Life Is Real Ruff And Cruel Remember That Your Baby Is The Most Important Concern You Actually Have! Treat This Loving Responsibility As If Your Life Depends On It And You Only Have One Chance To Perfect It!


 I always come across the question, should babies come with a manual? As sure as we need air to breathe, they need to come fully equipped with one tailor made for each and every baby! If a license is required to operate a motor vehicle, we should be requiredto be qualified to give the Greatest gift of all, LIFE! I'm not talking about government mandated instruction like the style we are all living here in America! In fact don't try to find a particular "style" of parenting. Use your GOD given intuition! IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE! 

Some ask why every child should be prepared to become successful expert loving parents when it isn't  known if they will ever have babies. In short, if you raise your children this way they will be successful, well rounded, caring, and loving people. If they decide early on, or late in life, to have children they will be prepared. When two of my sons were teens they continuosly said they weren't ever going to have kids and they both have children and they started their families young, one is still in college!

It is the parents responsibility to teach their children how to PICK A LOVING RESPONSIBLE MATE AND HOW TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL EXPERT LOVING PARENTS!  So their children can pass the love on to their children, and on and on............................................! IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE!

It all has to start with learning about the capacity of the human brain
. Fact, It holds as much information and is as fast as a modern day super computer. Fact, it can be molded, much like the way plastic can be molded to any shape you desire, to think any way desired. Fact, although it never stops learning, it is developing (its hard drive) until 13-17 yrs of age. Fact, during these years, from approximately, in Mom's womb until brain's full development, it is absorbing every bit of information that is introduced, good, bad, right, and wrong. Fact, unfortunately the brain doesn’t know how to filter all of the information, unless taught. Fact, it is parents responsibility to teach! Fact, a child can be taught to read before they speak fluently.

So if these facts stand up (go ahead and research the human brain now, please) it is the optimal time for learning during those years! In short if children spend the majority amount of time learning they will be smarter, more confident, and more successful. If children spend the majority of time learning nothing and/or bad habits they will be illiterate, ignorant, lack confidence and ability needed for success in life! During these special years parents should be enriching them with so much knowledge that when they are old enough to drink alcohol, (or when they're in the "limbo years" when they've graduated high school moved out and/or away to college but are too young to legally consume alcohol) they will have some intellect to turn to. Instead of, "duh I need someone to follow"! It's not about forcing or speeding up the individual learning capacity. It's about introducing and stimulating child's ability to learn at a time when it's both agreeable and detrimental to their future to avoid such love! It's about beginning to build your child's CONFIDENCE from the day they are conceived. Success In All Facets Of Life Here Begins With Possessing 100% CONFIDENCE In Everything You Do! The Only Way One Can Possess The CONFIDENCE Neccessary Is Through Proper Nurturing Complete With Joy, Love, Guidance, Nutrition And Discipline! IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE!

I agree there are many factors involved in determining what direction the life of a child may travel, as well as how they ultimately live out their life. Each child in America will spend on average 84% of their first 18 years of life in the American government mandated school system (whole other subject explaining the life long debilitating effects)! Factor in the inherent character and temperamental traits each child is born with. Such as shy, quiet, loud, introvert, extrovert, sensitive, athletic, energetic, laid back, learn quickly/slowly, to name a few, that play a huge role in how we live out our lives. Factor in peer pressure if allowed to run around unsupervised. Factor in type of upbringing. Such as, is household unhealthy, is mental and/or physical and/or verbal abuse present, is alcohol and drug abuse present, are children taught right from wrong, is nurturing with love-guidance-discipline present, etc. I Believe that 98% of how children turn out  as adults is a direct reflection of how parents (or whomever is responsible) raise them! If we all look at it in that perspective and assume the responsibility necessary to make our children successful human beings and future expert loving parents, we also wouldn’t have to struggle at parenting! IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE!

There's no room for Hate or Negativity! When disciplining be firm, but don't be harsh! Harshness can cause insecurity and mean spiritedness. The parent that shies away from discipline will end up with an unruly child who they will resent! The parent that pretends not to notice when child is misbehaving will cause child to both disrespect him and fear there may be a hidden anger they can't deal with! In short human beings come with the need and ability to be disciplined! Praise them always with love! Praise them when they first accomplish feats such as going to the bathroom successfully, picking up after themselves, etc. Once those tasks have been mastered don't praise them for every little tiny thing they repeat, they will come to expect praise for the simplest self supporting tasks! Start setting goals early on in their lives, assist in teaching how to think and act accordingly, and give praise when they reach and surpass goals! Teach your children to constantly set goals! I used to hold invention contests with my children to stimulate their creative intelligence! Try it, they will love it! Wait until you see the incredible things your kids can come up with! IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE!

Too many parents use the excuse, "kids will be kids" when their children are engaged in something real dangerous like drinking alcohol, doing drugs, smoking, breaking the law, underage sex, etc. Too many parents wonder what went wrong with their child, forgetting all the years they let them run off unsupervised! A Child Can't Miss What They Never Had! Just as a person can't yearn for a food they have never tasted! Keep them involved in positive activities, spend as much time with them as possible, and keep them away from events and people with contrasting values and goals, and that is all they'll ever know! IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE! The average American has been trained to think that their babies must be allowed to find facts of life on their own. They're instructed to let their children learn by their mistakes. The majority of times the mistakes related to the above mentioned examples often shape their lives negatively. For the the very unfortunate it can destroy their success, their ability to enjoy their lives, and for some it can cost them their lives! IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE!

If parents teach their children properly they will have the ability to steer their children to success and happiness! NURTURING filled with LOVE, GUIDANCE, DISCIPLINE, and PROPER NUTRITION can help us predict our child's bright futures! Even if a baby comes unplanned we must still prepare to become an expert loving parent. It's never to late! Without the proper plan we can predict our child’s struggling future! IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE!

Negativity Breeds Negativity. If we tell a child he's worthless enough, he'll believe he's worthless. If we tell a child he's great enough, he'll believe he's great! If we tell a child 1/2 the time he's worthless and 1/2 the time he's great he'll only possess 1/2 the confidence he needs to be successful in life! If that is the case, and it definitely is, then just imagine a life of POSITIVITY! Children are a direct reflection of how their parents raise them If a child's parents treat them like they are a worthless piece of garbage they will actually feel like a worthless piece of garbage! Perhaps you've said this or you've heard people say this: "I don't know why I always attract losers, drug addicts, alcoholics, etc". It is because their parentS neglected to teach them how to attract good people. In short if a little girl is abused and/or witnesses her dad abusing and/or ridiculing and belittling her mom she will believe this is the way to treat her mom and dad, as well as this is the way she should be treated.This will be all she will know You can bet this little girl will grow into a confused woman who unfortunately will most likely struggle choosing a good loving mate.  IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE!

What Is Worse, Physical Or Mental Abuse? Both Are Equally As Debilitating. Physical Abuse Is Always Accompanied By Mental Abuse! Physical Abuse Doesn't Only Include Beating A Child, It Can Also Be Neglect As Well. Not Insuring Constant Proper Medical and Dental Care,  Not Feeding A Child Correctly, And Neglecting To Nurture And Teach A Child How To Live Correctly Are Also Forms Of Physical Abuse!

Communication Is Every Bit As Important As Love! Feed The Brain!

Teaching Children To Respect Themselves Will Ultimately, Instinctively Prepare ThemTo Demand (And Receive) Respect From Others.
   If mom and dad treat their babies with respect, in short, treat them with the highest esteem, adoration, unconditional love as well as nurturing with love, guidance and discipline , their babies will understand exactly how they should be treated, and exactly how to treat others! The reason why kids grow up and always surround themselves with only caring, successful people or only crazy, unstable people, totally depends on the way they are treated and taught as babies and adolecents! IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE!

Moms and Dads must be 100% on the same page when it comes to raising children. If not, the results definitely will hurt, and possibly destroy, the child's successful future! It has been said that it is ok for Mom and Dad to have have a difference of opinion on how baby is raised. I agree there will be variances in methods to be used. send to bed at 8pm or send to bed at 9 pm, sleep with covers on or covers off, etc. I believe the problem with the term "difference of opinion" may lie  within a play on words or perhaps a misunderstanding of how or why the term is used. Here in America when people form differences of opinions it typically pertains to a disagreement or argument about something whether it be trivial or important. Regardless, it is a term associated with negativity and disagreement. Typically parents who admit they have a difference of opinion on parenting remain divided affercting outcome during child's developmental stages. Although the differences may start out relatively minor in though,t like letting child stay up as late as he wants, to debilitating habits like ruining his teeth by allowing him to eat candy always. The differences grow larger and potentially more stifling as the child grows!

To have a difference of opinion in parenting should be viewed as a mistake in parenting Just as we make mistakes by sometimes choosing the wrong mate. It happens to the best of us. Typically you will find that you have picked the wrong partner to start a family with when you discover you have a difference of opinion regarding raising children. Hopefully you are wise enough to ask these questions as well as discover the truth before having a baby with the wrong type of person!  Unfortunately when two parents fail at marriage they typically fail the babies of the marriage Although if love is paramount, a child of a broken family can end up very happy and successful! One must work that much harder! Marriage should be a PERMANENT goal, especially when kids are brought into it! We must become experts before getting married! These two large mistakes can be traced back to our parents failing (for the most part) at teaching us how to achieve those important quests! We can't dwell on the past, we have no choice but to get over it and prepare to become EXPERT LOVING PARENTS, so we can prepare our children to become the very same! The very best way to teach your child how to become a successful, expert loving parent is to lead by example! It's A ll About Love and Happiness!

Parents must love their babies 1 zillion times more than themselves! Parents must be prepared to die in place of their babies! Parents owe this to their babies! IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE
Some say that it’s inevitable that ‘lots" of people will get divorced with or without children involved (here in America the divorce rate is around 65%). Ask yourself this, when you raise your children will you raise them with the intensions of them someday divorcing the person they marry? I would bet you’d be hard pressed to find even one loving parent that has said "wow I can’t wait until my child gets married and has a couple of kids, gets divorced, most likely struggles emotionally-financially-physically, and possibly remarries, several times perhaps! DIVORCE IS NOT DEFINITE!.IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE!

Nothing is fail safe. But if you do all of the proper Nurturing including Love, Guidance, and Discipline, you are going to improve the all around happiness and success of your children, and they with their future children! The best way to teach is by example. If you and your loved one are happily married, they will see that and more than likely imitate what they see! The more they are involved with positive events and around like minded people, the less chances of them making potentially dangerous decisions when they are away from you.Never let them run around unsupervised!  The more they are involved in negative situations the higher the risk of making potentially dangerous decisions! Lots of parents say that its the same thing as surrounding their child with a wall, and their child will not like it when you don't allow them to find out certain things on their own. All I have to say is replace the wall with LOVE! Travel a diifferent direction than the average parent. You will never be able to convince me the parent that allows their children to endanger their lives and potentially stifle successful development loves their children as much as the parent that positively enriches theirs. In fact it is typically "ignorant love" caused by not being correctly taught by their parents that causes a viscious cycle that can continue for generations until it is somehow broken! IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE!

Be creative trying to figure out tough decisions. I once had a police officer tell me that when his boy was in high school he engaged in street racing, and that he was never aware of it. He said that he found out about it when his boy was in college. He said he thought of all the things that could have gone wrong had his son ever wrecked. He then asked me how are you suppossed to know everything your teenager is doing? I was shocked to hear that statement from a policeman. I told him that my kids went to school over an hour away from our home. I didn't want my kids driving that far, for fear of them getting into a fatal accident, (which sadly happens on a regular basis here) so I never allowed them to get their licenses until they graduated. My wife and I drove them everywhere! I heard everything from other parents from, I was sheltering them, to how are they going to learn how to drive? They are alive and they can drive just fine! What I did was LOVE them even more! IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE!

We will inevitebly go through ups and downs our entire lives! What is special and nice to know, is that with the proper planning we can control 100% of how we live our lives. If we love enough we can kill two birds with one stone. We can create future successful expert  loving parents, and be HAPPY at the same time!

All in all America is a relatively  young nation One that is viewed as both powerful and prosperous. I suppose it's all in how you value life! Is owning a lot of "things" how to define prosperity? Or is loving your life and the lives of people around you prosperity? You would think by now we would understand instinctively how to lovingly raise our babies! Like a child, this nation and its people must learn what's correct! I believe for the most part our gov't has a program in place that is designed to un-naturally alter our ability to use our parental instincts the way we were designed to. I think many agree to some point. Why else would so many search for advice by purchasing parenting books. Some that are filled with common sense and can be a positive influence. Some that are so poisionous you could only wish them upon a species you wish would disappear! Is it curiosity or a plea for help! 

This message isn't about allowing yourself to not accept responsibility for your actions and placing "blame" on anyone . It's a guide to understand why you are where you are today, what you can do to help yourself, and most importantly take the responsibility necessary to insure your children are nurtured with love, guidance, discipline, and proper nourishment so they can live the way we were all designed to live! Healthy and Happy. IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE!

Don't take my word for it! Do the research and preparation necessary to become an expert loving parent!  I am far from perfect. I make mistakes in life 7 days a week. On the day my first child was born I vowed to do the best possible job as a parent. I started my education then and I am still learning today! My views are based on my experiences growing up with 4 sisters and 1 brother, surviving divorced parents, being the proud dad of 5 children, coaching and tutoring hundreds of children, coexisting with other adults, surviving my own divorce and remarriage, becoming a step-dad, common sense and compassion, and most importantly using my GOD given intuition! If you are struggling with your child, step back and evaluate everything from your parents and your upbringing, to everything you have contributed to your child's life up until now! You will definitely find all of the answers you're seeking!

Keep checking back in for this is a continued work in progress!



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