If You Have a Good One.

If you have a good family, you feel that you can take on the world.  Mom and Dad tell you you are beautiful and smart and hopefully raise you to be a productive, fulfilled adult. 
When your family is not strong, however, it can mess you up for life.
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1 Response Dec 29, 2007

That's true! Building healthy, functional people from the ground up is the true function of families. That's why I think people should pass a simple test and be licensed, for the privilege of having children.<br />
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We have a simple test that almost everyone can pass for the driver's license - why can't we have a simple test for basic fitness for being a parent? People wouldn't have to be perfect, beautiful or even smart - they would have to be capable of selfless actions and show a tendency to nurture (among other things...hey, it's just a dream...I don't have the details worked out!)<br />
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If this were happening, most of our social problems, such as child abuse and the pathological effect it can have on child victims, not to mention addictive behaviors stemming from feelings of worthlessness and ALSO over-population, which is a huge problem, would be affected for the better. My opinion! of course! And probably controversial! But!