My Great Niece Was Born, I Got No Call.:(

Well... I see this morning, about 4 hours after it was originally posted on Facebook that my youngest niece's water broke and she was in labor. Then, about 5 hours after that post, I see that she's been in hard labor for 9 hours and they are doing a C-Section. Just now, a post appeared saying the baby is here, but they don't know weight or length. My sister-in-law was doing the posting to Facebook.

I didn't get a call. Not a peep, from anyone. Still nothing. To say that I'm devastated, is an understatement. I gave the baby shower, my husband and I spent about $400 - $500 on the baby and shower. I spent all that time making the Cheese Crates for the baby's room, out of love and caring and I didn't even get a call from my sister-in-law, letting me know what was happening. Not given the chance to go to the hospital, not allowed to be part of this experience.

This is par for the course, I guess. Since the baby shower I've only seen my sister-in-law once for a cook out celebrating my husband's and his mother's birthdays. Since the baby shower I've not received any responses to attempted communication with my youngest niece. Since the baby shower I wrote and sent a long letter to my oldest niece telling her that I miss her and love her and wish we could sit down and talk, but have not heard anything, I don't even know if she got the letter or not. Now, my Great Niece is born and I don't even get a phone call. I have to read about it on Facebook, like my sister-in-law's co-workers and neighbors.

Understand, I've been trying to communicate with my sister-in-law via Facebook, because she never returns my phone calls, doesn't reply to emails, but I've seen her showing as 'available' on Facebook chat for weeks, so I try to message her, to no avail. Now, suddenly, she is using Facebook to communicate that the baby has been born.

I think this situation confirms for me the validity of my feelings in regard to this family I've been trying to be accepted by and part of for more than 27 years now. I am treated like an inconsequential outsider, who deserves no respect, isn't included and has no real standing within the family group.

I cannot begin to describe how painful this is/has been. I'm so deeply hurt, I can't adequately put words to my feelings.
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PS read your other writings...Your understanding all of us here on EP Don't worry your people skills are intact. The quote about a friend picking up were they left off is about a real friend (who had to leave for awhile)not a whiner who uses you as an emotional aid station

People who have your number and don't call don't want to talk with you. Your in a nest of users who pose on facebook as "happy family" these self promoters tire me out. Always there to ask You to throw the party(and plan it ,decorate it, buy the food and field all emotional break downs. In my case once one of the nieces said as I was applying last second adjustments to the decor as guest where arriving "What are you still doing hear your a behind the scenes person?"Found out then I wasn't even invited...oh kids repeat the darnedest things they hear

Wow I hate to hear that my family hasn't been there for me and I had to let them go I understand the hurt it's a deep thing especially from my mother being her only child and even my father who I took care of when I should have been focusing on my education only to be shunned by him from the suggestion of my stepmother I feel better knowing that it's all up to me now to build my happiness family or not as usual you can always leave me a message in my inbox ;)

I want you to know , Sweetheart, that my HEART goes out to you!!! I can so feel your pain. <br />
It feels like you are being used for your money only or for the skills you can provide, right?<br />
Sometimes people take people like US for granted. People like us who have so much compassion and love for the human race because it was built into us.. . . Built into us to the point we can not shed it.<br />
That proverb that says "Give a child to me until they are 10 yrs old, and their thoughts, ways of life and personality are already woven" has so much truth in it! <br />
I dont think people mean to be so rude or thoughtless, it is just the way they were brought up.<br />
While alot of us are naturally "sweet-natured", some people have to WORK at it. <br />
Instead of sulking in your corner,all alone and being miserable...why not just POP IN , your USUAL cheerful loving sweet SELF with a SMILE and welcome arms ???<br />
Try your best to swallow the hurt or annoyance and just DO IT!!! You may just be surprized that their was an explanation. PLEASE keep us posted!!! Sweet Gentle Hugzzzz for you!!