I Love My Parents And Brothers More Than Others In This World

I am the only daugther to my parents and m having 2 elder brothers both gt married.I love my family a lot.For them only i lost many gud relations and never compel them to buy anything that i really like to be mine.In the curriculum side also i didnt take any personal decision.I felt very much lonliness from my home in many situations,some time i felt to get suicide,bt i dnt knw hw i overcome all those situations.I am sharing this here not becuase of m hating my family,but i want to share my problems to anyone,Once i got a friend to share all these things,bt unfortunately i was forced to cut that relation.I am a pos graduate and not yet got a job,this thing is making me more sad to live in this world.I dont know why i am not getting a job.I am really fed up.I would ike to share more feelings in my mind bt as m new to this will share all those matters later.If anybody can help means please help me
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1 Response Apr 21, 2012

i have the same problem as yours....In fact during the first half I thought you were describing me.<br />
Though i am bit younger and not mature as you but I think you should be patient..and try making good friends (that's what i have trying myself)