My Family

Well, Im the youngest of 7 siblings which, as my brothers and sisters say makes me the most spoiled one.. that might be true, ha ha.
Anyway, I just wanted to write how much I love my family, they are always there for me and I know I can trust them. I love my mom and dad to death cause they are amazing, I can talk to them about everything, always And I really look up to them!
My youngest brother is only 11 months older then me, so we are pretty close in age. He is pretty awesome at times, though we fight a lot..
then my two other brothers are 19 and 27- my oldest brother is taking from my dad and he is strict, he got a son! and my 19yr old brother is more of the funny type, much like me.. We climb up on the roof at the house just to tan and we joke about everything
My older sisters are 24, 29 and 32, so they are pretty much older then me, my oldest sister is twice my age and she got 1 son too, so Im an uncle. All my sisters are amazing, I love my family more then anything:)
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

:) awwww, great story

ur welcome :)

Wow, that is so sweet! I love my family so much too, and can relate to having much older siblings!