Family Always Comes Through

I told my family that I'm pregnant yesterday. I was very nervous about it. Both my brother and sister had children young. My sister had her daughter at 19, the same age I had an abortion. My parents were not happy about it, since she had to keep living at home with us and her baby daddy was awful. He split after Claire was born, of course, and she's been living with us as a single mom. My brother had his first when he was 21 and his second when he was 24, when he was married to his now ex. My parents were relatively older parents. My mother was 29 when she had my brother, the same age he is now, and my father was 33. So at 24, I've the one of their three children to have waited the longest. I was worried they would think I didn't wait long enough. With my parents they're stupidly accepting, but you can always tell in the tone of their voice when they think something is a bad idea.

I made a big dinner for everyone, including my littlest niece, and everyone was wondering why I had made such a big meal. I love all the food I made but I could barely touch any of it because I was sick with anxiety (and sick with a baby!). So while they were joking around and talking, I blurted out "I'm pregnant." My mama said "Are you?" and my brother and dad looked at me all surprised, and everyone started laughing and talking over one another, in a very typically chaotic way. My dad asked me how far along I was, and I said 7 weeks. This seems a little early to tell, but I needed to tell my parents and sister because I live with them and not telling my brother would be leaving him out. We're not telling extended family yet, but our immediate little family unit is thrilled. I'm really excited to bring another person into this family :)
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22-25, F
May 20, 2012