Family = The Unconditional Love

Being a part of a family is a blessing . . .

It means that we will be loved for the rest of our lives unconditionally !

Rodwali Rodwali
31-35, F
1 Response May 22, 2012

hi, I would like to ask your opinion: do we have to uncoditionally accept and love our relatives' fiancees and treat them like future relatives?? when a person has the right to be a part of a family??? thank you to your all for your answers !

Well , I do understand the first part , and the answer is YES , as long as they are treating you well why not to love them and accept them as your future relatives , but I mean by unconditional love here , your love to yourclose family , mother , father and siblings . . . The other question , I am not sure if I got it well or not , do you mean when person can treat their in laws as a family or what ?!
I guess that a person has the right to act like a part of hisher partner's family as long as they got comitted (engaged or married) ,, Hope my answers are helpful and close enough :)

hi! thank you for your attention to my message! I really meant to ask do we have to accept them if they treat us with no respect (I can't understand if that person does it on purpose or she is just educated like this... a mistery) How could I explain to the family that this attitude is not ok without spoiling my own relationships with my new family? and without making me seem a jealous one who doesn't want to accept another person in the family?

Ok , I understand what you are talking about . . But let me tell you something , sometimes our own family members might do something wrong with us or act mean . . right ?! but u take it ok because they are ur family the same goes for ur in laws :)
Patience is the key dear & don't put your partenr in a in a situation where he has to fight between the 2 of you !!