Not Only Did I Fail Myself But I Feel I Failed My Family As Well

This may sound stupid to some of you but i failed a biology lab class and i broke down crying as i threw everything in sight. you see back then i never cared much about my grades but now i take it seriously because i know what i want to pursue as a career and i really want to make life better for my family. i feel like I'm their only hope right now to support them later in life. Not only do i want them to be proud of me, i also want them to be financially secure in this economy. my mom lives from paycheck to paycheck with my 9-year old sister. my older sister (which is 27) moved on out to live with her boyfriend not really caring about my mom's financial struggle. i promised myself that i would never abandon my mother if she was in trouble especially after all she has done for me, I can't just look the other way like my older sister has. i feel i could've done better in class now that I look back at it. i feel it's a step backwards towards my goal and because of that i feel im also pushing my family back :( but i will not quit, if i have to re-take it then I will. it just sucks that I devoted my time to fail but this is a lesson learned!
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thank you guys for taking the time to read my story! i really appreciate it :)

your thoughts r so good... It's good for you to move on. Stay strong!