Tough Love

I have 2 son ones 26 the other is 23 i recently told the 26 he has to go move out but his working part time iI haven't ask him for any responsibility in paying any bills couse i just want him to save up but he's constantly coming home with new things he buys that i think it's not necessary. it's come to the limit where I'm gonna give him a bill to pay every month......... and my 23 year is constantly braking up with his girl and moving back home now he says it's for good i love my kids to death but i need them to move on so me and my husband witch is there father can injoy the rest of our life's.... need advice..... i know family is important but also there's a limit.
delosangeles delosangeles
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1 Response Feb 5, 2013

Family is important BUT so is self-respect & standing on your own 2 feet. Give them a date by which they have to move out & support them in the process, but make it clear that it is time for them to live their own life & forge their own way in life. I kicked my 2 sons out, we discussed why (lack of participation in the home) & now they live on their own, pay their own way ... they finally got it but U have to push them. The greatest gift we can give our children is for them to know self-respect & autonomy. Take the bull by the horns & do what's best for yourself & your children. Kick them out! YOu go girl!!!

Thank you suesa i feel much better I just didn't want to think i was doing the wrong thing and being a horrible mother.