And Always Will Be ...

I'm lucky to have all very close by ... that's probably why everyone rarely gets together.  We all used to meet at dad's every Sunday, but since he's passed on, we all do our own thing.

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4 Responses Mar 24, 2009

My family is starting our get-togethers again with a barbeque sometime this weekend, because my sister says so ;) ... so it will be happening :)

When my dad was alive, it was understood that supper on Sunday was a given ... or you'd need a good reason ;) ... at my sister's passing later ... we swore again to follow through... but it hasn't happened ... that's okay :) ... but it better not take an end of the world event to spur us ;) haha I know ... not funny ;) I quit being a motivator, because it doesn't work with some people ...<br />
I catch a boo of what everyone's up to by listening ... but we don't pry :)<br />
Your are one special friend ... in my books :) True! Please just see Matt again ... he seems like a man to care for.. I should shut up ... I got on the police roles twice because I trusted her ... Lucky I didn't lose my job! ... Man, I trust the wrong people ... :)<br />
((Hugs)) L.

Funny how that happens isn't it. It's like being close by is taken for granted :)

Yes family is important, its funny but we all live in Calgary but rarely see each other but the family that lives further away we see more of lol