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Hello, I have a question..

   I love my dad VERY much!  but if I am at school or what not and call home leave message for mom i get home about 1-2 hours after her, he never tells her the message. First he said " i forgot" I gave him benfit of doubt,  Today was a VERY imp message, i even asked him to write it down. he never told her!!

then if i get on him he yells at me like it is my fault,  I do not wnat to treat him like a child, but i am clueless at this point please help me

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2 Responses Mar 30, 2010

Ty I do not feel alone now but not giving messages is safety concern too, <br />
I told mom i would be home at 4:30pm my math group was being totally unreal today and it ran over i called soon as can it was 5pm dad answered i told him that mom will wonder where i am, he said yea yea ok, I said are you listening? i got home at 7 mom said why not call? I said i did gave dad message, she said Sharon called that is all.. I thought great he can remb a friend message but not his own daughter message, it is like he is doing this on purpose or something. <br />
I was abused as a kid these are adopted mom and dad, ( adopted me age 30 not lying), my biological family has been known to harass me, so i have to be on alert sometimes. <br />
I feel like he is pushing my buttons on purpose recently,<br />
Mom sees me growing spiritually i mean deeply spiritual and as i do that i am getting stronger and a do not mess with me attitude, i will stick up for myself now. But recently dad as been in the "ME" world, it is like i come up with ideas example " hey dad let's go to the movies together, lets go out to eat" sure he says yes but that day he is to tired.. then i am suppose to be ok with this, he use to give messages very well, now he refuses. i do not know what to do.. your right if i talk to him he will yell.. <br />
sighs, i hope things get better too because i am at a total lost right now i really do not even know how to talk to him. <br />

I have the same prob with my dad. exceprt it has to do with my sis. He always has me clean up her messes. or has me do something that she should do not me. When I explain this to him, he yells at me. and i for one hate when he yells at me. you can do one two things. sit down and have a one on one conversation. most likley he will get mad and say that he cant help it if he forgets. or you can relize that everyone makes mistakes and hopefully things will get better with you and you're dad. Hope this helps!