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Our Final Decision

While my wife and I were dating, we started talking about kids one day. During one of those conversations, the topic of nudity was brought up, with differing views on both sides. Her dad's side of the family (she doesn't get to see her mom's side as much) was so completely against it, while my parents allowed it only if we were in our own bedrooms. Of course, I always found a way around that rule, but that's another story.

After doing a great deal of research on the subject of nudity, weighing all of it's pros and cons, and picking up a copy of "Growing Up Without Shame" (which I highly recommend for those who are in the same boat that we were at the time), we decided that the most logical and informed choice, was to in fact allow nudity in our home. Of course, I know that there are plenty of people that will look down on me in disdain for this decision, and that's okay. But in the end, it's up to my wife and I to determine what we feel is the right way to raise our children, not everyone else.
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I would love to ask you some questions on this topic if that would be ok with you.private message me if that would be ok.thank you for sharing your story

It sounds like you and your wife made a great family friendly decision together. :)

think more familys should also

As it should be!

Bravo to you and your wife, and I believe good for your kids. I wasn't raised as a nudist, my father was very conservative, but I think it would have been very good and healthy if I would have been.

Very well expressed!

I am in full agreement!

You, your wife, and children will find family nudism
to be relaxing and emotionally/psychologically healthy!

Hopefully it goes well for u and ur wife. I support that

nudity in family is normal when raise like that
i raise my girls to be nudist an they enjoy it much some dont belive in it an some friends when over we may cover up but alone we are naked

I won't say your decision was right or wrong. What I will say is that it was right for you and your family. I happen to believe it was the right decsion for my family as well. I am a strong believer that there would be fewer sex crimes if nudity were the "norm" rather than tabooed exception.

Well, maybe a number of families will look down on you with disdain -- if they know. But I hope you and your wife are finding the support and encouragement you want and need here. After all it's a decision you made and you made it together, and you made it after doing some research and giving it some thought.

Besides, I think that it's healthy when parents and kids see each other naked, without any fuss or embarrassment. Power to you!.

Very well expressed!

Sounds like you two made the right chose. I think your children will have a healthier attitude about sex when they are older as well as their own bodies.

My wife and I are raising our children in a totally nude environment. It is rare to see anyone wearing clothes in our house. My kids are very well behaved. I have seen their friends in their home clothed and the kids seem to backtalk, misbehave, and generally get into trouble, but then they spend the weekend at my house nude, and the difference is night and day, they couldn't be more well behaved and respectful.

There are studies that have been done that support this transformation in behavior. For some reason, when kids are aloud to go, and are raised nude, they tend to be more respectful and successful in their adult lives.

I know that when I was a kid, I loved to run around naked when I could get away with it. I always felt more at ease when I could do so. Now that I'm older, and have kids of my own, I want them to have that same sense of freedom. Your response, and those of others who feel the same way, tells me that I'm doing the right thing for my kids.

The ability to be nude and explore feelings that are normally able to be hidden probably fosters further brain development; although the experts say all the neural pathways are established between birth and age 3. I suspect both young men and young ladies who are permitted to be nude can and do, in supportive families, ask more questions about becoming adults and are less fearful of the changes (and responsibilities) they must adapt to. In my own teenage grandchild I see shyness and a "reserved" demeanor even though she is dating and seeing boys. Sometimes all we can do is hope for the best, but I think both her and her mother know the eldest members of the family are available for consultations whenever needed. Honestly, no child should have to discover some things about life through trial and error! - We are the adults responsible for the next generation, so we had better not shy away from anything. Nudity included.

Really, you bring other families children into your home and allow / encourage them to frolic around naked? I am assuming that you have already cleared this with their parents and they know that you are a family that practices nudity that includes husband, wife and other family members. If not then you are a fool and risking legal action against you and your wife should this get back to the children’s families.

While we are a nudist family as well, we do not practice nudity in our home or pool area while we have non-conforming guest over. If there are non nudist around then as much as we hate and dislike the wearing of clothes and bathing suits we keep them on It has nothing to do with not being comfortable with our nudity but more with not feeling comfortable with the law or sitting in court explaining why were exposing ourselves to the Jones’s adolescent children. WE agree that it is a very healthy and beneficial life style. But WE do not get to make that decision for other families.

What are you going to do if the Jones’ or Smiths’ pre-teen or teen girl or boy goes home and tells their parents that your family is so cool and fun. That you all run around naked.

Whenever any of my children bring home new friends, the 1st thing I do is go to their friend\'s house and spend hours talking with the parents, getting to know them, and explaining our lifestyle. 99% have not had an issue with my families nudity nor do they have a problem with their children being nude in my home. Most of the time, the children that visit my home become nudists in their own home, especially when the parents visit my home with their kids and see the behavioral difference being nude has invoked. Some families, even decide to embrace nudity themselves.

I take care of the lawsuits with the Jones\' and Smiths\' before it becomes a problem. We do not force anyone to be nude in our home, but we are not going to force anyone in our home to dress either. It is clothing optional and everyone visiting our home is informed before it becomes an issue. I even have a sign on my front door informing any delivery carriers and salesmen. I have had a couple shocked looks from people who didn\'t take the sign seriously, but never had any problems.

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I totally agree. I am glad my mom understood that I felt more comfortable in the nude. Even though she was not herself. She did infact let me choose at early age to become one. Even though I did not know what a nudist was at that time.

Very well expressed!

Good for you! You'll find that children take to nudism quite naturally. If they grow up with it, they understand the difference between being able to be nude at home and having to dress to go out.

Funny you should mention that, because our 2 year old seems to understand the difference between the two already. Hopefully, his little brother, and any other children we might have, will pick up on it as quickly as he did.

Having been members of a family nudist resort, we saw it in action every weekend. We would go out on Saturday and stay the night. On Sunday morning, you'd see families arriving around 12:30 or 1:00 dressed like they just came from church. The kids would stand by the car, get naked and run to meet their friends by the pool or playground. In that setting, you didn't think about everyone being naked, it was so natural!