We are new at the family nudity thing. We're looking for real families to chat with about how it is . Also looking to trade pictures, and hear about experiences. You can email is at newnudies at
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Good on you! We are a nudist family down here in New Zealand,and absolutely love it. I have two boys aged four and seven who are nude round the house all the time, and often go out and play in the front yard in the nude. I do all my housework, gardening and sunbathing nude, and my bf is nude too.
We are keen barefooters too, which is common down here. We all go everywhere barefoot, shopping at the mall, restaurants, family outings etc., are all done without anything on our feet and we love it! It is so natural and freespirited!

My girlfriend and I are nude as often as possibly around our house and both find it very liberating. I was also nude a much as possible with my first girl friend. I think encouraging your kids to be nude around the house is a very natural and wonderful thing. Most kids are pretty happy running around clothes on anyway, so its just up to their parents to encourage it :)