For My Little One -- I Love That You Lust, Redux

I love the way you look at Me as you breathlessly confess the fantasies and desires you've never spoken aloud before, a look that says, "Only You, my Mistress, can satisfy my needs and make my submissive dreams come true."

I love the guttural moans, deep sighs, and tiny whimpers you make as I tell you the many ways I will relentlessly use you for My pleasure.

I love that you've fallen so far under My spell that you get hard when you see My name in your Inbox, before you open My messages.

I love calling you unexpectedly and listening to your voice change when you drop into subspace the moment you hear Me say, "Hello, My slave."

I love that you are already overwhelmed by the possibilities ahead, yet still you hunger for more.

I love that thinking of Me causes your body to betray your arousal as you go through your everyday life.  This is but one of the many moments when I want to be physically near you -- close enough to see your erection swell...close enough to feel your embarrassment that your **** is now Mine to control...and close enough for you to hear My throaty laughter as I watch you scramble to conceal your obvious erection from those nearby.

I love telling you to Kneel when I call you at your busy office, knowing it takes every bit of focus you have to keep from falling to the ground and pressing your forehead to the floor.

I love that the images I paint with My words are so powerful that they play over and over in your mind, even when your thoughts should be elsewhere.

I love that you lust for My Mind, My Sexuality, and the Hold I have over you.

ServeMistressP ServeMistressP
46-50, F
3 Responses Jul 17, 2010

I can see you have some things to teach me. :-)

We as Masters, find this to be true !!

Oh God, if only...