The Way I Do Things

The only way I used to ever reach climax is with my eyes closed and really focusing on a plot of my encounter. Especially if I'm having sex with someone. If I open my eyes, it's very difficult for me to maintain my arousal levels.

What turns me on is completely in my mind. I love the "ideas" of sex more than the actual thing. But it's because I had never gotten the right partner to act out the ideas correctly, until now.

I'm wearing a very short black halter dress, with very tall heels. He looks at me in amazement and mumbles "my god...". I become flustered. No man pays that much attention to me and reacts in such a way. He comes closer to me and lightly grazes his finger up the back of my thigh as we embrace....

Thoughts like those excite me!

The idea of having a man tell me what to do, or become assertive with me in passion and drives me wild. When he grabs my hair and pulls my head closer to his as he reaches climax....ugh..i can't even explain how much i adore that. Or when he tells me to look at him as I climax as he whispers sweet nothings to me. is totally a mind game as well as a physical one.
empathicresonance empathicresonance
22-25, F
Jul 19, 2010