We Just Met.....and Its Already So Intensely Erotic!

We just sort of met here on EP......

You commented on one of my stories, gave me support and offered strength.

We were so polite and formal that day. Offering each other support and gratitude. Giving each other moral support in ways only two who understood could provide.

And then we each became excited by the knowledge we understood each other, and quickly began to trust each other - so much so we let loose with some sensual secrets and intimate details.

Before we knew it, we were both openly and honestly aroused by this connection we found. It became powerful and overwhelming. It freed us and soon we were opening up like flowers to each other.

The complete and total passion we felt that day, profoundly moved me.

When we opened up even further and shared that intimate moment between us on the phone........I learned something.

Two people can truly experience intense intimacy with out having touched each other.

Thank you for teaching me that.
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13 Responses Sep 23, 2012

This is so beautifully true...

I know exactly where you are coming from Joshua; I`m in an exciting EP relationship because of just the same circumstances. I never thought it could happen; I wasn't looking for it. But, where its going? who can tell...good luck my friend.

Have to say your story is so true. Some of us can relate to it. Thanks for shareing it.

I have already replied last year on this story- but you should take a look at one of my blogs that describes this sort of thing going on in my Ep life .......
mark xx

It is wonderful that you can share and feel the experience it is a wonderful thing to be able to touch that way, Thanks you touch me.

Wow - that's really fantastic

Joshua49! Are you saying THIS is a story? Or has this led to one?
Ha:) So clever.

Nice story Thanks for sharing Peace

What a sweet story. I had a similar experiene in an actual meeting too.

Great Story! It is very true..

yes it can happen when you are least expecting it. it's happened to me.

very good sums it all up about al ot of ep experiences, and no too long i hate reading long stories. sex starts in the mind many dont get that. though i think with males they respond more to visual sex were females respond to imaginative sex more. or mayb im wrong.

It's all about connecting on a certain level, not necessarily physical.