Can You Do It Baby?

If you want to hear me moan it is simple; know that my sexuality is more than my vagina.  I like feeling loved all over.  This includes my mind, my legs, my neck, my face, and my hands.  Pay attention to all of me and I will give you all of me freely.  Pay attention and make me feel special, carressing more than my body.  I need so much more than just the physical connection.  I need you to make me feel it in my mind.  Can you keep it up?

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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18 Responses Feb 19, 2010

That is a fact!!!!

The mind is the biggest sex organ we have. Use it or lose it!!!!

And the choir stood up and sang...."It's Raining Men... hallelujah it's raining men." lol

Amen, Sista!


I feel the most important organ in sex is the one that sits right behind your eyes. If I can engage that and tie in all the sensations that you give and receive then I have done enough to send you on the ride of your life.

*goes into his Wolverine act and shreds up the tidy red and checkered shirt*<br />
<br />
Whew, I need a cigar...


Try me, who knows maybe you get left behind in ecstasy ;)

LOL oh we have to lose that shirt!!!

*blushes* awww, shucks. *gets his howdy-doodie red and white checkered shirt from the closet*


Hehe! You are so sweet. I just adore the blue eyed wolf. (hugs honey))

I would not be the fellow outside believing he can warm up his yard with his body heat......err...I think no names were mentioned

LOL Mun. I forgot you were in FL. <br />
<br />
Er., LOL

FL has been chilly, very temperate today however...must be something very pleasant on the way.

LOL Er.<br />
<br />
Mun, You are so right about that. My mind is in FL for some reason tonight but I have no idea. I have been wanting to go to Disneyworld all day.

The mind sets the stage, where ever the mind goes the body follows.