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I too believe my husband's place is at the head of the family. My job is to support him and his decisions in all things. I know my husband is a good, loving and responsible man so if he tell me to do something, or not to do something then that is what best for me and our family. I do not question his decisions, but I do often ask him to explain them to me so that I may learn from his wisdome and experience. A few times he told me what I had to do and I didn't like it, but I do it anyway. In every case I soon learned that there was a good reason and it turned out for the best.
I love that I have him to guide and protect me. If I only do as he says then everything will be better for me and us.
However I have to say I do not believe a woman should submit to just any man. I belong to my husband. My body and mind are his to do with as he wishes. I don't mind this cause i know he love me very much and never want to hurt me. I could never submit to a man who wasn't a good man. If he don''t take care of his business and don't have integrity and honor I will not submit. Some men are losers and don't take care of their family and are liars and cheaters or are criminals or drug abusers. Those men don't eserve to have women submit to them.
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You all need to learn that you are individuals. You can be your own person, the belief that women are below the man is absurd. Just because we have breasts does not me we can not do the same things as other men. I have looked into the matter women get paid 66 cents for every dollar a man makes. UNACCEPTABLE

How old is your husband?

read 1 Peter 3 and
Genesis 3:16 & 17
it's really not up to you
if you hope for -authenticity, support, and respect
"Deserve" it.

She deserves authenticity, support and respect because she is a human being.
She deserves love and respect because she was born.

every truly said i agree with each and every word of yours as i am the same kind of women as u are ....... you are good