Submit Women

Women have been out of control for
a longtime. They have gotten foul mouths and think they can just walk
All over men. It's time for men to start standing up to them. That's why they have gained so much control. Because men are so afraid there not going to get that golden *****. So what do without it and stop being kicked in the balls. If they think they can do without you so easy. Get in their face and tell them to pack their bags and hit the damn door. They don't mind telling you that. Most feminnazi's have kicked their men out anyway some 2-3 times. And it should have been the other way around. Women your feminism movement has had it's hay day. So it's time for you submit to men and start showing some respect again. And while your at it start respecting yourself. Get out of those men's clothes. Blue jeans don't do nothing for you except show the crack of your nasty *** everytime you sit down. Probably just about Every Guy in town has seen it already. Start acting like ladies again and just maybe you'll get the respect you been looking for.

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3 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Wow. For that I'm going to make sure my f*cking *** crack shows up wherever I go.

I for one clearly agrees with punnished. I am a woman and even though I do some of the things like wear blue jeans (but my crack is always in my pants), I agree that woman now a days need to learn their place in life. If our man wants something from us we should obey and do as he asks. Women should be seen not heard unless otherwise told to do so. So very well put punnished, and trust me I am one of few out there.

Young but old fashion Sir. I buy proper fitting jeans and leave my crack for the imagination.

No offense.. need to re-read some of YOUR responses to the stories you commented on...I have seen them flash across my home page.. I am embarrassed for you.
Your comments were vulgar,way to the extreme, way out of line, incredibly offensive. Instead of telling other people to behave, you need to look at the man in the mirror, and follow your own advice.

No offense..but the Viet nam war ended decades ago..You need to start focusing on some other reason as an excuse for your behavior, for your choices.Weallhave pastlives and circumstances that did not necessarily treat us well.

You need to just live today.Deal with life today,and in a way that shows off the best you.Stop letting people provoke you, to a point where you get so nasty..Just don't comment. Don't go there.

You have answerd messages to me in a very kind way,so that side of you is on that..Your intelligent,you can communicate well,so build on that.
There will always be people in this world that are bullies and are confrontational..They thrive on having a fight..So don't give them that satisfaction.

I don't know what happened in your life to make you so angry,but something sure did.And you need to realize that it shows,and you need to deal with that attitude diffferently..because it is a huge distraction from the person you really are.