Our Role

We all have our own jobs to do. Our duty is not to make ourselves feel better about our station in life. We have an obligation to our children to prepare them to carry on our legacy, whatever we choose to bequeath them. Our roles are clear. They have been defined for millenia. The major mistake we made was to fail to exalt the role of homemaker. Without them, we would be enveloped in a primitive society devoid of the many pleasures we so readily take for granted daily. In my own mind, husband is shepherd. He oversees, directs, provides, punishes, and answers to himself as well as society. Wife is queen. She nurtures, teaches, nourishes, and manages the household. She answers to her husband only. The children must learn how to become a responsible member of society through the teachings of the mother and emulation of both their parents. By far the wife has the biggest job but, should she fail, the husband is to answer for it.
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Beautifully said, Sir.

I hadn't thought of it in quite these terms but yes, I suppose in a general sense this makes sense. Thanks for posting, you've made me ponder a bit:-)