I Obey My Husband

i am a house wife and a mother of 3. my husband wanted a submissive woman not only in bed but someone who knows their place and knows that in his home the man is in control. he knows what is best for me and i will always obey him. i am pregnant now because my sister(actually his sister, my sister in law) could not conceve a baby. she has always wanted to be a mother. i found out that i would be her surogate one night when he got home from work. he didnt ask what i though about it or if id want to do it. once the children were in bed he told me that he wants me pregnant again. now here i am happy and 8 months pregnant. :) he says that he would like more children but wants to "breed me out". he wants to watch as i grow huge with another mans baby in my womb. who am i to say no. i know my place and i love it. a womans place is where ever a man tells her he wants her.
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Good girl.

You're incredibly sexy!

I love your story please ask your husband if you can add me

very submissive wife and a obedient wife

I love your outlook on things.