My Ode About The Evil Of Flouride

Flouride in the water supply

Flouride in our water supply
And in our toothpaste too
Just why do you think its inside
To negatively effect you

Because fluoride fatigue proven
Causes lethargy and low vibration
People in charge thought Stalin
Was clever to make everyone dumb

In his concentration camps by
Putting the stuff in the water supply
Hitler also used the stuff too
And it wasn't to get the Jews high

And its got a skull and cross bones
On fluoride for our water supply
Please don't use toothpaste too
On any family including you

The people in charge of the world
Want you dumb like those before
And not getting empowered at all
Just doing what you are told

Spring water please for your body
To get it working properly
You are a Ferrari running on chip fat
Not suitable for you; that's a fact
41-45, M
Dec 16, 2012