Holding on to anger does no harm to the one I am angry at, while damaging me.  I've lived through some horrible things in my life...and I can say with complete honesty that I have forgiven those who have harmed me.

This is not saying that what they did is in any way okay; it is saying that I deny them the power to harm me any more.  By forgiving, I sever the binding between us.  No more will I cling to the anger and hate that chews my gut.  No more will I be afraid to sleep because of nightmares.  By forgiving, I let it all go.

I free myself.
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this is so profound, and the word choice is stunning! really speaks to my soul- i forgave two people very close to me, not in the hopes of continuing a relationship with them, but to free myself from the chains my anger towards them had imprisoned me with.

if you can't forgive someone and move on then try this...wish them well...just wish them far away from you. Hatred only hurts the Hater. The person you are _issed at doesn't know and doesn't care.

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How beautifully you put it. I don't want the pain I went through taken away from me because the pain has made me grow spiritually. I've come closer to my family and myself. I believe we all have reasons for doing what we do to others, we just don't know all the interactions yet. A simple thing like a touch could help a person decided not to kill themselves that day. We effect each other always because we are one, even the child murderer has a reason for being here. I am now ready to forgive and I'll know the moment to let go when I see it.<br />
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How??? I'm full of anger and hatred all these years later.<br />
I just want to burn the world but I love it all the same.