My Wish

I wish that I had the power of forgiveness- true forgiveness. Everyone in my past who have hurt me... I wish I could let it go and move on.
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Remember that ":hatred" comes easily to all of us --- it requires little effort.<br />
<br />
Forgiveness requires courage and strength within yourself.<br />
<br />
When you "forgive and forget" --- it is then that you can now "move on".<br />
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Thank you for sharing this with us. I wish the best for you. Regards: Jim

Julian: I see your point, and though that is a wonderful idea, in my case, "treating them like it never happened" isn't really an option. I have tried that approach before, and I end up being used again. There comes a point when you must cut toxicity out of your life, even if it comes in the form of your family.

I hope you don't mind if I share a small observation, It is easier to say but harder to do,<br />
I used to think forgive those who have wronged you but never forget untill one day I thought about How God forgives when we do something wrong, <br />
Most people though they forgive start treating those who offended them differently and it is quite justifiable.<br />
Does God forgive and start treating us differently or does He forgive and treat us the way He used to before our whole offence happened. <br />
True forgiveness negates the offence completely. <br />

I don't know alot about forgiveness; it depends upon the offense. Some things are easy to forgive, others aren't. Sometimes you realize how screwed up the people were that harmed you and that helps, but sometimes you remember bad memories when you're feeling down. I've confronted my past with violence and with tears. Sometimes the issue is about forgetting, not forgiving. I think the reason why it's hard to forgive things from our past is cause unconsciously we are still holding onto the victim role. Alot of times things that made us victims in the first place are still a part of our "superego". I think some things you might just have to live with. I gain alot of inspiration from people who went from horrific pasts and somehow seem to shine (i'm talking horrific stuff like WWII or starving in africa or going to war and coming back disabled). It's easy to praise a person who went to war and had their legs blown off for being so outgoing, but do people have any clue what it takes to make peace with that sort of loss ?

I just wrote a story about this very subject, about how when you can manage to forgive someone who has hurt you, how freeing that can be. It's certainly not easy, just something that if you work towards can really help you in so many ways, physically and mentally and emotionally.<br />
Holding onto bitterness and pain can really do a number on you. <br />
I hope that someday you can find a way to do it.<br />
And I agree with the others who commented here, that 1. talking and writing about it here may be a first step and also 2. that it is about you and not them. Wise words.

I'll ponder that, McToady. Thank you.

i think you just have, my sweet friend. you have turned the page.