Confessed he or she said', I feel I may never be unforgiven for my past cruelties and neglects. Please help me."

'Do not think about forgiveness from man-made ideas about it. They consist of assorted illusions , including self-serving sentimentality. Start with the idea of self-forgiveness. This occurs each time conscious behavior replaces mechanical and memorized behavior . To say the same thing another way, forgiveness occurs by dropping the past to live only in the present moment.

The eternal now has no past, therefore no guilt, 'what about forgiveness from those I have harmed?'

'Anyone you have offended who has found the light will understand all you have just heard, so they forgive you as he/she has forgiven himself. Those still in the darkness, the majority of people, have no understanding of real forgiveness, so you can forget them. Truth has no forgiveness.'
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Want to forgive my worst enemy,keep your friends close,enemies closer xxxx

((((hugs hon)))) truth has no forgiveness Carl :)